10 Easy Home Improvements

10 Easy Home Improvements

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10 Easy Home Improvements that will Increase Your Homes Value

Getting ready to sell your home can be stressful. You focus on finding the best realtor, getting paperwork together, scheduling inspections, finding a new home for yourself, etc. The biggest weight on homeowner’s shoulders is thinking about the value of their home. Our advice to you is, spend less time worrying and more time doing.

If you have already done what you need to prepare your home for selling but you still need a realtor then give us a call at 720.260.4461!

Be proactive about the situation, and you can do that with these 10 cheap home improvements:


  • Kitchen up-keep


Lets face it; the kitchen is where the real magic happens. This is typically the first room a potential homebuyer goes when visiting a house for sale. Investing just a few hundred dollars to replace outdated faucet sets, cabinet handles, and lighting fixtures can make a world of difference.


  • Give appliances a facelift


Consistency is key with appliances; you want things to look like they belong together. So, if not all of your appliances match in a room then you can simply order new doors or face panels to match any that are out of place. This is an easy fix and usually only takes a screwdriver and a steady hand.


  • Bathroom Bargains


Next stop, the bathrooms. These rooms can be a deal breaker, but a little TLC can change the game. Quick projects include replacing an old toilet seat and/or a pedestal sink and re-grouting the tile in a bathtub. Simple fixes that make a bathroom more clean looking.


  • Storage matters


In the 20th century people have become pack rats and storage is top of the “must have” list when looking for a home. Adding do-it-yourself wire and laminate closet systems to bedrooms, pantries, and entry closets can give you the extra storage space people are looking for.


  • Another room please!


If you have a den in your home, the reason it is not considered a room is because it’s lacking a closet. For less than $1500 you can add a custom closet to a den room that now turns a two-bedroom into a three-bedroom or a three-bedroom into a four-bedroom, while adding a lot of value to your home.


  • The Little things matter


Hiring a mechanic and/or a plumber for the day can really make you look like an A+ homeowner. Having them go through and check wires, plumping, etc. and make any small fixes shows homebuyers that you care about your home and take care of it!


  • Look underfoot


Carpet is a tough nut to crack. Realtors don’t recommend replacing it because 1.) It is expensive and 2.) A buyer might want to change it when they move in. Therefore, renting a carpet cleaner and cleaning problem areas can turn a lazy Sunday into a productive one. You can also buy a few area rugs and place them over those problem spots that are too tough to clean.


  • Turn up the light


Replacing old light fixtures with a modern chic chandelier can bring the life back into a room, especially the dining room or living room. If you have out dated ceiling fans leave the body of the fan but replace the blades to make the room feel more modern.


  • First impressions matter


Your front door sets the tone for the rest of your home. Therefore, replacing an old doorknob and/or giving your door a fresh coat of paint will give off a great first impression when a homebuyer pulls up.


  • Consider curb appeal


Adding to that first impression a freshly mowed lawn, new shrubs around the walk way, fresh sod, and depending on the time of the year potted flowers can all give that welcome home feel homebuyers are looking for.

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