Staging Your Home

Posted by Godwin Osaghae // May 14, 2015

Imagine what appeals to most people… clean, fresh, no clutter, and easy access to all the areas of the home. It’s the feeling of walking in, taking off your shoes and saying, “Honey, I’m Home!”  Staging is all about bringing the buyer home. Now you have options. You can hire a staging company to come […]

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The State of Canada’s Housing Market Update

Posted by Godwin Osaghae // May 6, 2015

Buyers may be happy in Calgary but sellers and the economy aren’t. It’s a buyer’s market and homes sales fell 22% in April compared to the previous year. Part of this has to do with the fact work isn’t the easiest thing to come by these days and oil prices. Overall in the first 3 […]

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Real Estate Phone Apps

Posted by Godwin Osaghae // April 24, 2015

Phone applications for the savvy seller or buyer… wait don’t leave out the renter! This blog is for all of you- no matter what your real estate dreams are. I would like to point out one thing! As we have mentioned in previous blog post there is a simple answer to selling your home… get […]

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Home Baked Cookies Can Help Sell Your Home

Posted by Godwin Osaghae // April 10, 2015

Smells Like Home…… Nearly everyone has experienced a moment when a faint aroma brings a memory of a long-lost moment in time crashing back into their lives. This is what you want to invoke when selling your house. Potential buyers need to imagine themselves living in your home. So don’t forget to bake the cookies […]

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Posted by Godwin Osaghae // April 8, 2015

Sell House For Cash Denver
Sell House Fast

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How To Handle Non-Performing Rental Properties & Tenants

Posted by Godwin Osaghae // March 19, 2015

Originally Posted by JD Esajian and CTHOMES // March 16, 2015   What’s the best way to handle tenants and rental properties that aren’t performing as well as you had intended? In spite of the best planning, rental properties just don’t perform as expected. Some perform far better than expected, but then there are always […]

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So you want to get into the Real Estate game?

Posted by Godwin Osaghae // February 22, 2015

So you want to get into the Real Estate game, do ya? Looking for your first investment property? Well here are a few tips that will help you make a smart purchase and in turn put money back in your pocket. A Smart Real Estate Investor ……………………   …Understands the Local Home Pricing Understanding the […]

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The Current State of The Calgary Real Estate Market

Posted by Godwin Osaghae // November 27, 2014

The Calgary real estate market can be a little unpredictable at times due to the fact it’s tightly tied to the economics of the city. It’s directly affected by the buisness patterns of the oil & gas industry. Over the last several years Calgary’s economic state has been on the rise but many worry the recent volatility […]

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Tips For Choosing A Real Estate Brand Identity

Posted by Godwin Osaghae // October 25, 2014

Establishing brand identity is essential for real estate investors, but it remains to be seen which approach demands the best results. So what techniques can real estate investing companies adopt to ensure the best exposure for their practice? The need for an established brand identity can’t be ignored by investors of all levels. Even for […]

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Real Estate Companies Or Individual Agents?

Posted by Godwin Osaghae // October 25, 2014

When it comes to buying a home or selling a house in Calgary, AB, what’s more important; the individual agent you hire or the real estate companies they work for? For those that haven’t bought or sold many homes, and even for some investors that have been in the business for a little while, this […]

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