Calgary Neighborhoods To Call Home

Calgary Neighborhoods To Call Home

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A few weeks ago we filled you in on the top family friendly neighborhoods in Colorado. This week it is all about those Calgary neighborhoods!

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Arbour Lake

Arbour Lake is not just ranked as the top family friendly neighborhood in Calgary but the top neighborhood in general. This scenic neighborhood that sits lakeside is ideal for a family whose daily activities revolve around the outdoors. Most of the homes in this area are suited for larger families with an annual income between 70-110K. This should not deter a young couple or smaller family; there are plenty of rental properties to look into. The residents of Arbour Lake believe in the importance of community, therefore its neighborhood association schedules several annual events to making it easy for people to keep in touch. So if you like biking, hiking, fishing, and community bonding then Arbour Lake is the right fit for you and your growing family!


Parkland is another neighborhood revolving around nature but on a whole other level. This neighborhood is connected with Fish Creek Provincial Park, which is a protected area for conservation. This park offers fishing, walking trails, and a lake to camp around during the summer. This neighborhood is respectably more spread out and pricier than Arbour Lake but still has a great community feel. There are lots of great clubs to get involved with as a child such as cubs, beavers, and brownies. This neighborhood is very safe thanks to its neighborhood association with over 20,000 volunteers. A plus, Parkland residents have the luxury of choosing between great public or private schools!

Cambrian Heights – Queenspark Village

Cambrain Heights is an inner-city neighborhood suited for families and couples that want to remain closer to the city. This neighborhood can accommodate many different family types. It offers homes, condos, and apartments that are more reasonably priced. Although it is closer to downtown there is plenty of green space for outdoor activities. There are more schools to choose from than the previous two neighborhoods, which is why it is one of the top most popular family neighborhoods.

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