Go Green to Save Green

Go Green to Save Green

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The early 70’s were the start of the environmental movement; as years go by more and more people have hoped on the green thump train. Mother nature isn’t the only thing you’re saving. Making your home more energy efficient will save you big bucks in the long run!


Replacing or adding insulation throughout your home (ceilings, attic, and walls) and weather stripping windows and doors will keep the cold air in during the summer months and out during the winter months. This prevents you from having to crank up the heat/air; decreasing your energy bill every month!

Design Your Home to Around the Sun

If you’re building or adding on to your home, make sure to choose an architect who pays attention to the outdoor elements. Plan window placements so that will draw in sunlight. On the contraire plant shade trees in front of windows to block the sun to keep the inside cooler when needed. This will allows your home to better rely on the environment to heat and cool it; saving you money, yet again!

Install Solar Panels

This recommendation does involve an investment at first, but over time you could end up being paid by the gas/electric company instead of you paying them. If you live in a region of the world that gets more than average sunlight a year than you should really consider installing solar panels on your roof!

Lighting, Heating, & Cooling Control Devices

Installing devices to control lights, heat and/or air throughout the day allows for these appliances to be managed even when you’re not home. Dimming lights at certain times and increasing or decreasing air/heat can allow to remain stress free about your home while your away, all while saving money!

These are just a few ways to save green while going green, but there are many other baby steps and/or big investments that you can do. We recommend investing in your home to secure your future and the future of our planet!


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