Home Baked Cookies Can Help Sell Your Home

Home Baked Cookies Can Help Sell Your Home

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Smells Like Home……

Nearly everyone has experienced a moment when a faint aroma brings a memory of a long-lost moment in time crashing back into their lives.

This is what you want to invoke when selling your house. Potential buyers need to imagine themselves living in your home.

So don’t forget to bake the cookies and if you could rent a grandma too that would help—wink wink. In all seriousness baking cookies could, in fact, sell your house.

Here are some additional “smell tips” that will help make the most out of any open house:


Don’t use strong scented candles or air fresheners. We know it’s tempting but some people could have an allergic reaction to these and go running for the hills. Or at least right out of your house. An alternative would be to wipe everything down with an all-natural cleaner so your house looks and smells clean but not overwhelming. While you are cleaning be sure to put away any unnecessary clutter and family photos. Buyers need to be able to see themselves living in your house and making it their new home.


 Take out the TRASH. This may seem like a simple idea but you wouldn’t believe how many people fail to take the trash out. Potential buyers like to snoop and if they happen to open a cabinet and it smells like rotten food they are potentially less likely to find your house their dream home. Be sure that all trash not just kitchen trash has been removed from all rooms and that new liners are put in the trash dispensers. This will make your house feel fresh and clean.


 Pets we love but can smell. Be sure to not only remove your pet from your home before an open house but clean their dog bed and put out of sight. As they say, out of sight out of mind. Both can be a source of odor and some people may not like or want pets in their home.


 Home Baked Cookies. Like chocolate chip cookies. Don’t you just think about your childhood home, your mom or grandma and childhood? Before an open house bake cookies or another yummy dessert so that a buyer can imagine your house as their home and they think “there is no place like HOME.” Also, it’s a nice treat to give your open house guests.

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