In Case of A Natural Disaster…so these!

In Case of A Natural Disaster…so these!

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We live in a world where most people, if not all are at risk of natural disasters. I’m not talking dooms day, walking dead, or various sci-fi scenario’s Hollywood has cooked up. I’m talking about real world natural disasters: hurricanes, wild fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, flash floods, etc. Many people have some type of home insurance for such disasters based on their location, but most don’t take their preparation any further.

There is a certain level of “what’s going to happen is going to happen” that those who live in high risk regions have to live by, but why not go the extra mile and be ready. No, you can’t replace the heirlooms or one of a kind’s that take front stage in your home but you can replace everything else. There are endless natural disaster prep lists based on type but there is one big prep tasks that you will find on every lists no matter what type of natural disaster. So what is it? Well, bringing it back to home insurance, most agents will tell you to create a home inventory and most people will ignore them which is a grave mistake! So, after you finish reading this riveting blog I recommend you go and use the “how to” list below create a home inventory!

Use an app to start your Home Inventory

Paper documents are a thing of the past. If you keep only a hard copy inventory of your belonging you run the risk of losing it in the natural disaster that your prepping for. The programs MyStuff2 and/or DreamVault are good programs for starting your home inventory. Storing this program on your cloud-storage will insure that your inventory is always up to date incase you lose your phone.


The header says it all. Go through your home and take detailed pictures. Keep these photos stored on a flash drive, cloud-storage, etc.

Split up this task

Doing an entire home inventory can get overwhelming and doing it all at once can cause you to miss something. Spread this task out over a two week span and go room by room, decreasing your stress level.

Create a Spreadsheet

If you are uncomfortable using an app to create your inventory then another option you have is to create a excel spreadsheet on your computer. Make sure to have it backed up to a flash drive as well as printed out and kept somewhere out of harms way. Organize the spreadsheet by room.

Updated Regularly

Please! You don’t want to go through the grave task of creating a home inventory just to let it become out of date and useless in case of an emergency!

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