Is Your Home Ready for Winter? Home Winterization Tips

Is Your Home Ready for Winter? Home Winterization Tips

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Every New Year that rolls around seems to fly by quicker and quicker. As a homeowner you know that with every change of season comes the daunting task of preparing your home (inside and out) for the change of weather to come. Is your home ready for winter? Spring and summer bring more chronic tasks such as mowing the lawn, watering the flowers, cleaning up after the kids who are home more often, etc. But as summer begins to fade into fall and the colder weather begins to arise the preparation become more critical than that of the warmer seasons. Fall and winter prep should not be ignored nor done at the last second. The following list of tasks is necessary to ensure the stability of you, your family, and your home. If properly spaced out and managed the tasks at hand are much more pain free.


Heating system inspection:

For a very reasonable price ($80 – $100) a qualified technician will preform an inspection of your heating system and make sure that the system is both clean and properly functioning. They will identify any problems or concerns that can be fixed before those freezing temperatures roll in. This could eliminate the possibility of your heating system being one of many that are on the list to be fixed mid winter.

Reverse Ceiling Fans:

We all learned in middle school that hot air rises correct? Well, Energy Star recommends that if at all possible, switch all ceiling fans to reverse mode. This will create an updraft, pushing down warmer air from the ceiling. This could be crucial for homes with high ceilings and even allow you to turn your heat down, resulting in energy and money saved!

Caulk Windows and Doors:

Caulking the interior and exterior of any windows and doors that have a gap wider than a nickel can be a huge help when trying to keep that cold air out and warm air in! For the exterior, silicone caulk is best because it will not shrink. GE has a good durable, inexpensive brand of silicone caulk that can be found at Home Depot. Weather-stripping around doors is another option. To make sure you have caulked or weather stripped doors correctly, simply check to see if any daylight is visible from the inside of your home.

Turn off exterior faucets / Drain lawn irrigation system:

Un-drained water in pipes and irrigation systems can result in bursting pipes. Draining all exterior pipes used for lawn care will cost less than $100 and save you from the headache of dealing with leaking or burst pipes. It is one winter prep task that most ignore but wish they didn’t.

Hire a Chimney Sweep:

Making sure your chimney is clean and ready for the continuous burning of wood, gas, or coal is a MUST! This simple task, if skipped can be catastrophic.  A clogged up chimney can cause fires and even carbon monoxide to build up in your home and as we know carbon monoxide poisoning is not to be messed with.

You can find more tips on home winterization here: Winterization Projects

These are just a few of the many tasks needed to be done before those below freezing temperatures greet you at your door! Remember, scheduling inspections, repairs, etc. in advanced and spacing out the winter prep tasks will save you a few grey hairs!

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