Make your move seamless with these TIPS

Make your move seamless with these TIPS

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Packing and unpacking is a pain; we all know that. It is hands down one of the biggest reasons people chose not to move from one house to another. It adds on countless tasks to your already busy day and if you have kids it gets even harder. We want to let you in on a few secrets that will make moving less scary and could even change your mind about moving!

If you have made the decision to move and are ready to list your house, call us today! We have lots more ways to make moving easier!

#1: Get your friends on board

What are friends for if they cant help make each other’s lives easier? Weeks prior to your move send out a fun email asking for their help in exchange for food, drinks, and eternal gratitude! If you get a big enough group things can go much quicker and even be more enjoyable!

#2: Sell or donate before moving

Hosting a yard sale prior to moving not only de-clutters your life but you have the chance to make some extra cash! You can use that extra money on a moving truck and/or packing containers or you can save it for fun DIY projects in your new home!

#3: Speaking of moving trucks…

Renting a moving truck or a pod can be the best decision while moving. Keeping things in the pod while you strategically unpack can eliminate the clutter and stress in your new home!

#4: Clothes doubling as “bubble wrap”

Instead of buying a bunch of packing material that will only be thrown away later, use your t-shirts, lounge pants, etc. This is a great way to save money and remain environmentally friendly!

#5: Inventory of Boxes

Numbering each box and keeping an inventory list of what is what can keep you organized. If you are worried one went missing during the move you can check how many you have and decide if there are any missing and which number it is.

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D Gees Homes & Realty has the experience, know-how, and infrastructure to offer you great opportunities in your real estate endeavors, whether you need to sell your house, a new rehab project to work on or would like to learn about other options.

Please call us today at 720.260.4461 if you’d like to learn more about the real estate services that we offer.

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