The do NOT’s of selling a home

The do NOT’s of selling a home

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These are only the beginning of the things to avoid doing when selling a home. For more information and further advice and buying or selling call us anytime!

#1 Sell by OWNER

 Yes, we admit that it is a bit suspicious that a realtor says not to sell by owner, but it is also true. On average, it takes home owners longer to sell their home when doing it without the assistance of a agent. The other downfall is FSBO (for sale by owner) homes usually sell for far less than those being sold by a realtor.

#2 Missing the Mark on Your Sale Price

If you are choosing to sell your home yourself, I recommend doing quite a bit of research on your market. Take note of the prices of houses on the market that are similar to yours. The housing market fluctuates and is unique based on zip code, and understanding this is crucial to price you initially choose when selling your home.

#3 Ignoring Obvious Home Repairs

It will cost you less money to fix problem areas in your home prior to selling. Buyers will absolutely counteroffer with a much lower price to compensate for the repairs they will have to do

#4 Failing to Disclose All Information About Your Home

Withholding information about hidden issues about your home can end up worse than if you were upfront from the very beginning. Surprising the new home owners with problems within the home will leave them angry and you paying more than if you were honest from the beginning!

#5 Showcasing Your Home Empty

Aside from the unavoidable circumstances, all homes should be furnished when trying to sell. You want to give people that “Home Sweet Home” feeling when walking into your home! You want to set up a scene where they can see themselves living and growing. A potential buyer doesn’t want to leave a showing feeling empty and unattached and that is the risk being taken if the home is empty.

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