Top 5 Colorado Towns for Young Families

Top 5 Colorado Towns for Young Families

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Colorado is a state known for its diverse scenery, outdoor activities, and growing economy. These characteristics among many others make Colorado a great place to start a family while maintaining that young active newlywed lifestyle! The top 5 towns for young families were identified based off of 3 major criteria.

  • Quality of a towns Public School System.
  • Cost of Living
  • Economic Growth and Stability of a town


  1. Superior

Superior, located less than 20 minutes from the heart of Boulder ranks first on our top 5 list! It has various parks such as a dog park, children’s park, Community Park, etc. It falls under the Boulder Valley School District. GreatSchools gave it a perfect score for its two elementary schools, which are both known for their engaging curriculum. The prestigious Monarch High School in Superior has been awarded the John Irwin School of Excellence Award countless times.  95% of students who attend this college prep school go on to pursue a higher education.

  1. Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch is perfect for those couples that want to raise their children in a family friendly neighborhood but still want to get out and explore the city on the weekends. It is just a short 30-minute drive from Denver, which is known for their many different museums. Mountain Vista High located in Highlands Ranch has an average ACT score that has been consistently higher than the states average. There are four recreation centers, two dozen parks and two golf courses all within the area, giving no family an excuse to stay inside!

  1. Louisville

Louisville is perfectly located between Denver and Boulder giving its residents endless activities for both their family and the occasional night out with their spouse. Louisville residents are known to be laid back and down to earth which is maybe thanks to their low unemployment rate. Their award winning public library is a great foundation for education for all ages. After spending time in the library families can head outside and enjoy the Downtown Street Faire where you can get a taste of the city while enjoying live music.

  1. Erie

Erie is another great town located just 30 miles from Denver with great scenic views. Their new educational facilities make this town perfect for couples who are focused on giving their children the most innovated education. Erie’s pubic parks are an example of their dedication to going green. Their Community Center has a water saving irrigation system and solar panels were installed at their main headquarters. The town itself has an interconnected trail system to promote walking and biking.

  1. Castle Rock

Castle Rock is a town that makes having a family a trill! 27% of Castle Rock is comprised of parks allowing for endless opportunities to get outside and enjoy the 300+ days of sunshine a year. This small town has a big heart and really strives to enjoy its culture throughout the summer months. Events such as outdoor movies, farmers market, WineFest, ArtFest etc. all takes place in Castle Rock. These events are what community bonding is all about!

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