What Your Home Inspector Isn’t Telling You

What Your Home Inspector Isn’t Telling You

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Home Inspections can be a nightmare. The stress that comes before and unfortunately, sometimes after can be overwhelming. This is a part of home buying and selling that you can’t hide from, but making sure you know all about home inspections can better prepare you for what is ahead.

Home Inspectors Are Not Responsible if They Miss Something:

Mistakes happen and things are sometimes overlooked during a home inspection.  The kicker is that not all states require inspectors to carry insurance, and those that do usually don’t have a policy that fully protects homeowners. When hiring a home inspector make sure to look for those who have “Errors and Omissions” coverage. This insurance covers more than the basic liability insurance and can save you if an inspector overlooks something major like a damaged roof.

Do Not Kill Two Birds with One Stone:

It would seem that hiring an inspector and a repairman in one would be convenient and even save you a little money but this a mistake many home buyers make. An inspector who is also hired to fix those problems he finds could potentially find more issues than if he/she were just preforming the inspection. Not to say this is always the case but not all home inspectors operator at the highest of ethical standards. The American Society of Home Inspectors forbids their employees to double as a repairman to avoid this issue. So, if your inspector offers to repair the problems he finds politely decline; you never know it could end up saying you thousands.

Home Inspectors do JUST that, Inspect Your Home:

This is a big one! Home inspections cover the interior and exterior of your home but not your entire property. There are horror stories of people having an inspection preformed and then shortly after underground pipes burst, septic tanks fail, or fences/sheds aren’t up to code. Some issues on your grounds (if they break environmental codes) can bring forth major legal issues. You are liable for the issues on your grounds even if an inspector misses something. These are pricy fixes so in order to make sure everything on your property is looked over talk to the inspector. If he is not comfortable doing a grounds inspection then you can hire a second inspector that specializes in this type of inspection.


Climbing on Your Roof is NOT Required:

Repairing your roof can break the bank, especially when you’re not prepared for it. When having your home inspected it wouldn’t be ignorant to assume that an inspector is going to get on your roof. But surprisingly enough not even the American Society of Home Inspectors specifies in their by laws how a roof inspection should be conducted. This part of the inspection is a case-by-case decision and how it is preformed if left up to the inspector. Roof access, weather conditions, and proper equipment are all factors that can determine weather your inspector gets on your roof. To better ensure a thorough roof inspection, speak to your inspector prior to your scheduled time about how he will inspect the roof. Even offer to supply him with a ladder or any assistance he might need that might secure his safety and get you the proper roof inspection you deserve! 

All Inspectors Are NOT Created Equal:

It may come as a shock to you but if you are a professional in any field relating to design, construction, or really anything a home inspector might have to inspect, than you my friend might be better trained than most home inspectors. Close to one third of all U.S states have no training programs designed for home inspectors to complete before beginning their career. There are organizations that require a high level of qualifications in order to earn membership such as The American Society of Home Inspectors and International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. There are inspectors out there that do not associate themselves with these organizations that are well trained with years of experience. It’s just about finding the right man/woman for the job! Therefore, prior to hiring your home inspector ask for his/her previous experience and even a few references!

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