Why buying a home almost always beats renting…

Why buying a home almost always beats renting…

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Owning a home is the American dream, am I right? Since Americas economic meltdown homeowners have struggled and foreclosures became much more frequent but in the past few years things have begun to look up. In fact recently it is reported that rent prices are rising and housing prices are falling.

If you are ready to fulfill your American dream of owning a home, then call us and we can turn your dream into a reality!

Buying a home instead of renting:

Improving energy efficiency

Monthly utility bills can get out of hand and one way to control these bills is to use energy efficient appliances. Unlike renters, homeowners can make big changes to decrease their utility bills. Homeowners can improve insulation and upgrade to more energy efficient appliances, which can make a big difference. Renters can change their habits to be more eco-friendly (turning off lights, energy efficient light bulbs, etc.) but that will only do some much for your bill.

You can make it YOUR home

There are endless opportunities for what a homeowner can do with their house but renters are restricted to what is allowed in the contract. The most a renter can do is paint and even then you have to paint to a neutral color when you move out. Living in a house that you rent will never truly feel like home because most the time it is a blank canvas. Owning a home gives you the opportunity to make it what you want.


Personally we find this to be the most important reason to buy instead of rent. Owning a home is an investment and it can make you money in the long run. Renting is simply taking money from you without any paybacks in the end! Not many people learn about the topic of “Equity” and “Investments” in college, but if you ask any recent college graduate who majored in finance or accounting “what’s the first thing you will do when you get a job?”, many times their answer is “buy a house”.

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D Gees Homes & Realty has the experience, know-how, and infrastructure to offer you great opportunities in your real estate endeavors, whether you need to sell your house, a new rehab project to work on or would like to learn about other options.

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