Winter is a great time to buy a home! Don’t wait for spring.

Winter is a great time to buy a home! Don’t wait for spring.

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So why is winter the right time to buy? Well most people are busy decking the halls and preparing for the holiday season. They are busy and not thinking of buying new halls. It’s the slow season and with the slow season and with that comes a competitive advantage. Here are some of the advantages of buying during the winter.

During the December and January Lull

There is very little competition. People will be busy wrapping up work and traveling for the holiday. Most deals are made or people have put off looking until after the New Year. However, there are still homes on the market, but not as many people are going after them. This can be a huge advantage for any homebuyer.

Housing Inventory

Inventory may be lower during the winter but the advantage is that sellers are motivated. The sellers will want to get the deal closed, especially for tax purposes. For many people, it’s mental. It’s the end of the year and they want to get their house sold and move on. This is an advantage for buyers, especially if there are points to negotiate.

Realtors and mortgage brokers

It is a slow time for realtors and brokers but most love this time of year. During the winter you have both serious buyers and motivated sellers. Therefore, deals are made. As a buyer, your broker will have more time to focus on you, as opposed to other times of the year when they might be juggling more clients. Even if you can’t close before the end of the year you are most likely to get something under contract and be able to close quickly right after the New Year.

Could something be overlooked while buying in the dead of winter?

We really put our homes to the test in the winter. All the big systems such as heating, plumbing and the roof and gutters are put to best litmus test there is. A home might not look the prettiest in the winter and some of the curb appeal may be gone, but fixing landscaping is a lot less expensive than finding out months later that your boiler doesn’t work.

So there you have it.If you were going to take a break from looking for your dream home, well don’t. Winter is a great time to buy a home. Don’t wait for spring.  Also give us a call or check out our website of the available properties:

Give us a call today at 720.260.4461 or 587.800.1213 to let us know what YOU need help with! D Gees Homes & Realty has the experience, know-how, and infrastructure to offer you great opportunities in your real estate endeavors, whether you need to sell your house, a new rehab project to work on or would like to learn about other options.

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